Does Gender Difference In Online Gaming Cause Mental Health Problems?

Online paradiserecovers.org games are the latest craze among all age groups and all genders. Today, these games are so popular that most people prefer to play them online rather than going out to watch a movie or play a game. They provide an excellent way of relaxation, especially if you have a lot of work and household responsibilities. Many of these games are so exciting that they can keep a person busy for hours.

Mobile Games. A good construct validity of online games is found in the popularity of mobile games. As more people are opting for handsets, the companies manufacturing them are making a beeline to reach out to potential customers through the various forms of communication like SMS, MMS, and e-mails. This has paved the way for mobile games to thrive as one of the best ways of entertaining people.

Video Game Addiction. It is debatable whether or not online game addiction is a good construct. Those who think that there is no link between video game addiction and pathological gaming are mistaken. One thing is for sure – the rapid growth of mobile devices in the world has led to the rise of a new form of entertainment known as “cell phone gaming”.

Social Anxiety. As it is easier to access internet addiction in a mobile device than a computer, many adolescents who suffer from social anxiety often turn to these devices to alleviate their symptoms. Even though video and computer games may relieve stress, research has found that the effects of these activities are rather short term. In fact, it takes weeks or months for the effects of video and computer games to wear off. Many adolescents today use mobile game addiction as a cover for the disabling social anxiety.

Also, according to research findings, those who obtain good grades do so because they are motivated and get some kind of benefit in return. On the other hand, if you can’t keep your score high, you probably got it because of cheating. Students who are under high stress are also likely to cheat. In addition, high-scoring students are also likely to engage in excessive self-destructive behavior. In other words, it would appear that the relationship between grades and performance on the likesert scale is not a very good one.

The link between video game addiction and the increased engagement in internet use by males is not very strong. In fact, when controlling for several factors such as age, race, sex, and parental education, there is no significant gender difference in the association between these behaviors and internet addiction. Thus, it appears that there is no significant causal relationship between these two variables. The results of this study do not support the notion that there is a gender difference in relation to internet addiction and mental health problems among teens.


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