Barbell Weight Sets Vs. Standard Barbell Weights

If you are one of the few people to have stumbled upon this article, then I congratulate you. For such a short time, I’ve gotten some great information on how I use my barbell weight set. In this article, I’m going to show off 4 super-sized exercises you can do using nothing but your barbells! These workouts are fantastic for adding mass to your frame while still having plenty of space to execute other lifts and exercises as well. Before I tell you more, please make sure that you’re well versed in the following tips and techniques.

Deadlift – The deadlift is probably the most well known exercise out there and for good reason. It’s the “biggest bang for your buck.” As far as I’m concerned though, it’s not the most effective exercise out there. I feel that the powerlifters who use the deadlift (especially the ones who use the deadlift and safety squat bar) don’t focus on the true purpose of their workout. Most deadlifts are strictly “bodybuilding type” movements and don’t really add much strength or muscle until the completion of the lift.

Safety Squat Bar – The safety squat bar is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a squat bar (also sometimes called a power rack) that is used only for heavy weight training/bodybuilding. I personally like the safety squat bar because it provides me with the stability and balance I need for my heavy squats. It’s a must have if you’re serious about your weight training routine! You can’t perform any type of heavy weight lifting without using the safety squat bar at least once.

Diversified Sets – The diversified sets are my favorite thing about powerlifting. You can alternate between different weights and different widths of barbells. This allows you to get more complete resistance workout and use more muscles during each set. Usually I’ll alternate between different widths of dumbbells and barbells with each exercise. For example, I’ll usually alternate between two different widths of dumbbells for my squats. You can get more information about Weight Lifting Equipment.

Lighter Barbells – When you’re at the gym and you see all these fancy Olympic weight benches and stack them against the walls, it often makes me think to myself, “Why would I pay for all this when I could just use a lot of cheaper barbells?” And you know what? You’re right. Lighter barbells make the difference in your lifts and how quickly you’re able to complete your exercises.

Strength Training Vs. Body Building – Olympic weightlifting uses a lot more weight than the average person would use for body building. Barbells are used in much higher quantities during Olympic weightlifting workouts. You need a lot of strength in order to bench press or deadlift over the same level as the guys at the bottom of the bracket. But if you only have a few different weights for your sets, you don’t need to use as much strength, and you won’t build up quite as much muscle mass in your body. If you need to lift a lot of different weights for your individual exercises, you should probably consider using a standard barbell weights set.

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