Is Multiplayer Games As Serious As Friends?

Most teens mostly play multiplayer games online with friends; more so than half of girls also play multiplayer games. More than a third of teenage boys and nearly 20% of girls also play multiplayer games with online friends only. More than half of all teens have a multiplayer game list in their phone. When it comes to real friends known online or people that aren’t actual friends, but rather virtual gamers, most teens who play multiplayer games are more likely to state that they play against such people as an aspect of a social relationship.

This doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily evil or bad, it means they have access to social networks that make them part of the real life friendships. This is a big part of the reason why more teenagers are playing online games. The social aspect of the games provides them with a place to interact and have fun without actually meeting people in person. They know that there’s someone who knows what they’re talking about.

The problem arises, however, when teens start to view these games as real life relationships. They begin to take the multiplayer games that they’ve been playing as real, and it can create problems for them in the future.

What happens is that teens that start taking online gaming too seriously start to feel like they have lost control of their real world relationships with people. They get so involved in the online gaming that they forget what the real world is like. They start to believe that everything they do online will have a long term impact on their real world relationships. Click here for more information about judi online

Teens who have this attitude about the impact of their actions on other people tend to have a hard time making friends. It becomes almost impossible to find good relationships with people you might already know and make friends with in real life. Once you’ve lost the ability to make friends, it’s hard to start again and get back into the swing of things.

Teenagers need to know that the more serious the multiplayer games that they are playing, the less influence they will have over those they are friends with. They need to realize that while they have the ability to be social and meet people in real life, the real thing is much harder to accomplish in the virtual world than it is in the real world. The important thing is to remember that they can still have fun, interact, and connect with others, and enjoy their lives as teens without putting them in situations that will affect their real life relationships.


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