Procrastination: The Dark Side of Online Classes

An online course is a web-based course open to unlimited access and participation via the Internet. It typically entails enrollment in a class, submission of assignments and completion of tests. While traditional college programs are held offline, online courses permit many participants from around the world to interact with each other through Internet based courses. In general, an online course can be completed in as little as seven or eight weeks, while some programs take up to twelve weeks for completion. Click here more information about Vertex Investing Course.

Online courses can be taken by a student who prefers to study on his/her own time without any supervision or coaching from an instructor. It provides a great way for busy working adults to complete their studies. Students can log into their online classroom from any computer with an Internet connection and have access to one instructor at a time. Professors control the pace of each class through email, Web chat and forums. Students can use all of these tools to communicate with each instructor at anytime, anywhere.

Many programs offered online require a student to have basic computer skills. Most courses require that you have a quiet and comfortable place to work while completing your coursework. Most online courses require that you submit your assignments online and that you are committed to completing them as scheduled. Some instructors may require a weekly or monthly schedule of completed work. Most internet-based courses require that you read and follow instructions carefully and that you try to understand the content before submitting your assignment.

One of the most important things to remember about online classes is that the instructor has no involvement in the process. Professors and other course participants are distant from your interaction. So if an instructor starts a class with an attitude of lecturing to you and not listening to what you have to say, this will not go over well. An instructor must be willing to provide you with direction, support and a forum to enable you to learn.

Another problem with internet-based courses is that they can have a hidden, dark side – the inability to control your own procrastination. You may be able to get through one or two course topics, but then you may find yourself unable to move ahead with any of the assignments. It’s as if you were grading yourself, and it’s hard to know which topics you’ve actually studied. You also have the problem of trying to fit the coursework into your already busy life.

Many people view online classes as a way to take their college classes “on the go”, but these courses often fail for one reason or another. Some people have problems with their schedules, some people have problems with their concentration, and some people just don’t give their online classes the attention they deserve. However, if you follow the tips in this article, you should find that fully online classes can be a great option for your college classes.


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