Benefits of CBD for Dogs

What exactly is CBD oil for dogs? cbd oil for dogs is short for Cannabidiol, which is a naturally-occurring chemical substance found mainly in the marijuana plant. CBD is only one of the many important chemicals present in the pot, and it’s also referred to as the “other” cannabidiol. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, with many health-giving qualities. It’s not a psychoactive substance, so it has low side effects. In fact, it’s considered a fairly mild sedative, which means it can be used by both children and adults.

There are two main ways to get this valuable anti-inflammatory, but you may be wondering what type of CBD oil may benefit your pet specifically. You may have heard that CBD can be purchased over the counter, but that can be confusing because CBD usually isn’t sold as an ingredient. Instead, it’s usually offered in a dietary supplement form. If your veterinarian suggests this type of treatment, ask about the source of the CBD. Commercial sources include hemp source plants, such as cannabis.

Before you start giving your dog a supplement, you need to be sure that his current medical issues are cleared up. To do this, a complete blood panel should be done to see if there are any allergies, Lupus, or other health concerns. You can purchase a blood test kit at a local pet clinic, or order one online. Once you know what types of issues your dog has, you can then talk with your vet about the best CBD for dogs dosage. Many people choose a high-potency CBD pet tincture, but most often you’ll want to choose a lower potency supplement for safety.

There are some common side effects associated with CBD for dogs that you should be aware of. Some common side effects include restlessness, depression, anxiety, vomiting, diarrhea and intestinal contractions. These symptoms are normally transient and occur in less than five percent of animals given CBD. However, you should make sure to contact your vet if your dog begins to exhibit any of these symptoms.

When you give your pet’s CBD, it is important to note that it works best when administered in small amounts at the start. When we begin to treat pets for various ailments, we tend to go with higher dosage sizes. However, your vet can recommend the best dosage sizes based on your animal’s body type, age and medical history. Make sure to discuss this issue thoroughly with your vet.

Perhaps the best way to give your dog CBD is with coconut oil supplements. Coconut oil contains the highest levels of CBD. Coconut oil works best when used in conjunction with other holistic remedies, such as BHA and BHT. In addition to helping improve the health of your dog’s joints, you can also help improve his or her heart health, skin health and behavior by treating your dog with CBD for dogs.


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